Help Families in Puerto Rico Today!


When you purchase during the months of October- December 2017, 50% of our sales will go to a wonderful family in Puerto Rico who are getting supplies, feeding souls and rebuilding their community.

You can read more about Dr. Paul Haider and his Family here. 


Transform Your Personal Energy with Our Aromatic Mists

In reality, we are all healers.  

To truly empower yourself it is crucial that you grasp this one thing, “you must become the change you wish to see”.

 This starts with reclaiming your own personal energy and it is the very core of self-care / self-healing. What is your energy signature? When you use your medicine and you are in your center, your energy signiture heals everyone around you.

I am Michelle, creator/ caretaker of Solace Mist. I create tools to transform your personal energy and I also teach how you can create your own tools.

In reality, we are all healers. We all have a light body, an aura so to speak. If you have been told you are sensitive, more than likely you are an empath. HSF (highly sensitive folks) and empaths pick up others energy and mistake it for their own. 

Solace Mist Frequencies:

If you remember watching “The Sound of Music” we, as a collective were shown this scale in the movie. We as a collective are made to learn and heal rapidly through music and frequency. 

Each bottle of Solace Mist carries a specific frequency programmed into the rose quartz in each bottle. My physical vehicle is filled as I channel frequency, and now I know how to do it without it harming my body.  You can do it too. I wish to show how I do it, but I am sure there are many ways.

This is a cool fact 🙂

UT – 396 Hz – turning grief into joy, liberating guilt & fear RE – 417 Hz – undoing situations & facilitating change MI – 528 Hz – transformation & miracles, repairing DNA FA – 639 Hz – relationship, connecting with spiritual family SOL – 741 Hz – expression/solutions, cleaning & solving LA – 852 Hz – returning to spiritual order
Each mist carries specific intentions/prayer the rose quartz holds and anchors light.

I encourage you to make it your own by holding Solace Mist to your heart when you receive it and state your intention.


October Update: Recently, I have been creating new tools to manage energy and increase awareness to the collective.  These tools will help to call in protection, clear and ground as to not allow outside energies to influence your own. 

November Update: Huge transformations within our family and friends around us. Hold your loved ones tight. We are looking forward to our tech-free week in a few days. I have decided to come off of SSRI’s. I was introduced to them in 1994 as a treatment for depression. I am under a doctors care and I am being tested to apply all the healing methods I have remembered.

December Update:  Riding storms since Aug and I felt led to give Peruto Rico half of my sales as - I am overwhelmed with others loss around me.  We have friends who have lost homes in the California fires. We three are staying home and staying in. I am in my sacred space and won’t be sending out orders after Dec 11. I am continuing to come off of SSRI’s 

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